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Satyajit Mittal

Founder, SquatEase | Director, Sanotion Private Limited

Awarded as Forbes Under 30 Asia 2019, Satyajit’s ideas have conquered the complicity of interactions by doing simple interventions to change cultural habits for good health and well being. Satyajit, for his famous product, SquatEase, received the Swachh Innovation of 2018 on the Swachh Bharat Diwas organised by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. He also installed 5,000 SquatEase toilets at the Prayagraj Kumbh.


Anand Parikh

Co-founder, Shira MedTech | Shira Clamp

Anand Parikh is a co-founder of Shira MedTech, an award winning medical device innovation start-up. He is an alumnus of IIT-Madras and Stanford India Biodesign. Shira Med-tech strives to address the deficit of medical practitioners and care providers in India. At Shira, innovative products are invented, developed and commercialized in an interdisciplinary manner, by putting engineers and designers in hospitals and inviting doctors to their R&D studio. Shira Clamp, their flagship product, is a micro-surgical instrument to make blood vessel surgeries easier. Such surgeries are practically non existent beyond major cities due to a sharp deficit of specialist surgeons. Shira aims to simplify surgeries for junior surgeons to make micro-surgeries more accessible. Shira's potential to bring about social change by leveraging the power of product design has been recognized by the Government of India, Lockheed Martin, Titan Company, Ratan Tata and Tata Trusts through various awards and generous grants.


Manish Ranjan

Co-Founder and CEO at NanoHealth.

NanoHealth is an organization that is dedicated to providing a proactive and continuous care solution for managing chronic conditions. Manish believes in a patient engagement model that has the right blend of human touch and technology. He aspires to make NanoHealth a medium through which healthcare advancements and best practices for managing chronic conditions can be extended to a maximum number of people. In 2014, NanoHealth won the prestigious Hult Prize. Manish founded NanoHealth while he was pursuing his MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), where he was awarded the Torch Bearer title for outstanding leadership. Prior to his MBA, he worked as a consultant with a leading supply chain firm, i2 Technologies (JDA), where he designed business processes aimed at driving efficiency and profitability for large multinational firms. Manish intends to use the same expertise in designing healthcare systems that can reduce the socioeconomic burden of chronic diseases. Manish is an engineering graduate from IIT Bombay (Mumbai)


Raghu Dharmaraju

Vice-President, Wadhwani AI | AI for Good

His expertise is into developing and applying AI-based innovations and solutions to a broad range of societal
domains including healthcare, agriculture, education, infrastructure, and financial inclusion. An alumnus of Cornell, UMass Amherst, and IIT Madras, Raghu is a product and go-to-market veteran. He has launched and scaled impact-focused innovations in start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and government.


Rushab Kataria

VR Interactions for Healthcare

Rushab is a UX designer and a former alumni of LVPEI Center for Innovation. He has a deep understanding in designing interactions for VR based healthcare solutions. Rushab comes with insights to make validation frameworks using VR technology to be used by a range of demographics.