A 10x improvement of the existing gold standards and the democratization of healthcare through a 90% reduction in price


Patient Education

There are various aspects of the healthcare process - diagnosis, treatment, management and rehabilitation. These often require training or education of patients for increased awareness and effectiveness. These products will enhance this experience for patients.


Patient Care

These solutions improve clinical care and medical adherence during the course of treatment or management.


Clinical Research & Education

Research and education play a vital role in the advancement of medicine. These innovations enhance the medical education experience and enable global standardization of clinical research, allowing for speedy translation.


Quantitative Medicine

Many aspects of eye health assessment are subjective. These innovations transform such subjective evaluations into objective testing systems providing previously inaccessible information through standardized metrics.



These are accessories for existing diagnostic devices like the slit lamp. Therefore, widening the range of information one can obtain from these widely used clinical devices.



Quality healthcare is still inaccessible in low resource areas. These innovations are bridging these gaps between healthcare centers and low resource areas through self-contained and low-cost alternatives.