folding phoropter

Ultra low-cost portable screening device for estimation of refractive error. The "folding phoropter" is made entirely from paper - using simple origami and two lenses of appropriate power, we have a device which can rapidly screen for refractive error in low-resource settings.



Pediatric Perimeter

A novel device to measure and quantify visual fields and reaction times to light stimulus in infants (between the ages 3-6 months). This device would assist in the early detection of neonatal eye diseases and early signs of vision-threatening conditions .


Open indirect ophthalmoscope

An open-source, ultra low-cost, portable screening device for retinal diseases. Click here to follow details of ongoing device development.


A novel portable binocular device to quantify and measure pupillary and neurological responses to light stimulii. This device aims to standardize pupillary examinations in a wide variety of testing scenarios. Using machine learning, the device is also able to identify the possibility of existence of medical conditions which manifest as abnormal pupillary reactions.