ABOUT THE Hackathon

At LVPEI- Center for Innovation, the Computational Medicine Team develops models for the eye care Eco-system right from the clinicians at the highest level in an urban setting to the associated eye care professionals at the rural level. These solutions help empower the eye care professionals to identify and classify the anomalies of the eye. This provides opportunities to scale up services in much broader coverage in a low resource settings. Using AI, how can we make healthcare more affordable and accessible even at the rural settings.

LVPEI (L V Prasad Eye Institute) will provide the problem statements, domain expertise, data-sets, the parameters for the models to work on during the hackathon. The participants would work in teams and compete against each other and the best team would be awarded for their outstanding work. Anyone can participate. 

No Participation Fee

Mentor-ship for the teams will be provided by the Wadhwani Institute for AI and our other tech partners.

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One of the interesting use cases for AI could be…

Of the 27 Million babies born each year in India, 23% are premature. These 6 Million babies need to be triaged for Retinopathy of Prematurity within the first 3 weeks of being born, or the child is at risk of being Blind for Life. Using Artificial Intelligence can we intelligently triage the children to provide timely intervention to those who need care the most urgently?

Learn more about LVPEI's ROP work and the impact your participation could have from the below video.

And many more such impact-full and life changing problem statements awaiting your intervention at this year’s hackathon

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