For Students

If you're a student in engineering, design and related disciplines or a medical intern with hands-on skills in rapid prototyping and are passionate about building the next generation of eye care devices, then get in touch now! Positions will open soon for Winter interns at the Innovation Center at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad! In addition, we are looking for 6-month project interns (final year/thesis projects). Please send a mail to / with your cv if interested. 

For engineers, designers, medical interns (recent graduates)

We are hiring for full-time positions! We're looking for hands-on engineers, makers, designers and clinical interns with skills in embedded systems, computer science (image processing, computer vision and graphics), optics, product design. We want people with strong skills in rapid prototyping and experience in product design. More importantly, we're looking for people who are passionate about what we do!  Full time positions are OPEN! If you are interested, please send a mail to /

For Medical Professionals

If you're active in the field of medicine and want to join our initiative, drop us a line at / or any of the contact details given below! We always want to bring in fresh ideas and fresh perspectives to our initiative!

For Entrepreneurs

We're building the next generation of highly scalable, low-cost screening and diagnostic tools, incubated by a network of more than 100 of LVPEI's own clinics in three states in India - a direct patient reach of more than 1.5 million at one shot. Interested? Drop us a line at /!

For Industry

We are focused on one primary goal: DEPLOY. We need all stakeholders on board to make this happen, and we cannot do this without the leadership and support of the captains of industry and policymakers. Get in touch with us at / to be a part of our effort!

  • Any grand challenges you wish to explore without getting involved with too much risk - the innovation center is an ideal platform to ideate, prototype and, eventually, scale potentially risky ideas.
  • Sponsor particular projects/ideas - this could be both areas you want to explore and areas that we're currently exploring that you're interested in
  • Software/hardware contributions to specific projects to help them expand beyond the lab
  • Provide mentorship to specific projects (technical, project managers, scaling etc.) that you think have potential
  • We're looking to continue promising projects from ReDx year-round at our innovation center in Hyderabad, so if you're interested in some specific projects we can set up a monthly review session with a point of contact at Microsoft for each project to ensure we're moving in the right direction.
  • We're open to any other partnerships you think might work - we want this to be beneficial to both partiesk