If you are an enthusiastic undergraduate or graduate student looking to make your mark in the public health domain, the Center for Technology is perfect for you. Here you will be part of a multi-disciplinary group, creating solutions for problems posed by clinicians, and gain first-hand experience on what it takes to shape an idea into a market-ready product. So, if you have the passion to innovate and would like to see your work impacting the lives of many, just scroll further to check out the projects we have to offer and apply to work with us. It's as simple as filling out the form below and you will hear back from one of our Project Leads soon. 

Projects offered

Mixed reality and virtual reality game development for application in medical education

Primary skill-set: Game development with Unity, C#

Game development on chat and mobile platforms for application in medical education

Primary skill-set: HTML, JavaScript, OOP, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts API

Software development for next generation of eye-care devices

Primary skill-set: Android, Java, Python, C++/OOPS, Client-Server Architecture

Video-based gaze estimation for infants

Primary skill-set: Machine Learning, Image Processing

Development and incorporation of image stitching techniques and decision making modules in OWL - our retina screening device

Primary skill-set: Machine Learning, Image Processing, Python

Design and development of a device to capture corneal reflections

Primary skill-set: Designing PCB, Basic Embedded Processors, Image Processing

Hardware development and maintenance for all our devices

Primary skill-set: Designing PCB, Basic Embedded Processors

Product design for device to map corneal topography and games for visually impaired

Primary skill-set: Product design, Conceptualization skills, Rapid prototyping

Designing user interfaces and developing interaction schema for all our devices

Primary skill-set: Web and app-based user interaction and experience design

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