build your own

We've put all the instructions to build one in the public domain! Check it out at our Hackaday Page and Instructables Page

order your own

We're still testing the device and it's not in the market yet. However, if you would like to be a beta tester, do get in touch with us!

become a contributor

Are you interested in helping us improve the device? Are you an engineer who's passionate about building open technology with big impact? Send us a mail and follow us on hackaday and github. Send us a mail at srujana [AT] with the subject Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope


Sandeep Vempati - Project Lead & Product Engineer

Dr Jay Chhablani - Principal Investigator



Tristan Swedish - Optics, Hardware, Machine Learning

Dhruv Joshi - Software (Image processing), Machine Learning

Dr Nagaraju Konda - Data Collection and Study Design

Devesh Jain - Optics, Electronics and Safety, Software (Image acquisition)

Ebin Philip - Electronics and Circuit design, Software (Image processing)

Ayush Yadav - Software (Frontend/UI)

Nish Mohith - Mechanical Engineer

Deepika Dixit - Industrial Design

Aamir Jowher - Hardware Design